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Large Animal Services

Large Animal Medicine

Washington Animal Clinic utilizes experience, current knowledge, and diagnostic tools for targeted treatment of livestock diseases. Our veterinarians attend numerous continuing education seminars to assure quality animal care. Based on a complete history and thorough examination, a diagnosis and treatment plan can be developed. Diagnostic tools like radiology, ultrasonography, in-house laboratory, and microbiology culture and cytology may be added to the workup. Hospitalization is available for keeping animals during treatment. Common problems seen include respiratory and digestive diseases along with lameness cases.

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Large Animal Surgery

Large Animal
                                  Surgery Washington Animal Clinic has the facilities and equipment to meet all large animal surgical needs. There are two hydraulic and one mechanical squeeze chutes available for standing surgical procedures. A hydraulic tilt-table is used to secure animals in lateral recumbency(on their side) to allow surgery to lower limbs, feet, and ventral abdomen. Large Animal
                                  Surgery Surgical procedures frequently seen are cosmetic dehorns, eye surgeries, C-sections, and distal limb and foot procedures. Many surgeries are performed under local or spinal anesthesia. Sedation may be used. For certain general anesthesia procedures, patients are maintained under inhaled gas anesthesia. Most surgical patients receive pain medications and antibiotics to aid recovery.

Show Animal Medicine

Show Animal
                                  Medicine Washington Animal Clinic has decades of experience in providing veterinary care for livestock show projects. With staff veterinarians that grew up showing and now raising show stock, all aspects of show preparation and medicine are fully understood. The foundation for veterinary care for show animals is disease prevention through targeted vaccination, deworming, and nutrition. Traveling animals are stressed at shows making them susceptible to illness.

Show Animal
                                  Medicine Additionally, there is a tremendous exposure to infective agents from other animals. We are able to design a program for your show stock. Livestock shows and sales often require various testing and health certificates and these services are available. Washington Animal Clinic recognizes the 4-H and FFA members as our future leaders in agriculture and livestock production. We welcome the opportunity to help you with your show projects and promise our continued financial support at area youth livestock sales.

Reproductive Services

Large Animal
                                  Reproduction Washington Animal Clinic offers multiple services to aid in maximizing your herd's reproductive efficiency. Artificial insemination is available in house as animals are boarded in traps with spotter bulls to detect proper breeding times. Synchronizing programs are available for on farm breeding of larger groups. Palpation and ultrasound are used to confirm pregnancies and to aid in diagnosis of infertility and disease issues. Ultrasound allows for earlier pregnancy determination and can be used in fetal sexing.

Male breeding soundness exams using standards established by the Society for Theriogenology are used to identify fertility. Semen samples are obtained and microscopically evaluated for motility and normality. Additionally, venereal disease screening is performed--Trichomoniasis--to the standards of the Texas Animal Health Commission.

Washington Animal Clinic offers storage facilities for frozen semen and can help in selecting sires for your artificial breeding program.

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Herd Health

Herd Health Washington Animal Clinic has managed the veterinary care for cattle herds in this region for several decades. With staff veterinarians that have been part of the cattle industry their entire lives, we practice what we preach. The foundation for herd health efficiency has vaccination and internal and external parasite control as its cornerstones. Add to that a good nutritional program and sound reproductive plan, and your herd can reach its full potential.

Vaccination programs vary from the cow/calf producer to the stocker operator to the cutting cattle trainer. Vaccinations can protect against death loss as with Clostridial disease(blackleg). Vaccinations are also used to protect against respiratory and diarrhea diseases. For cow/calf producers, vaccinations are aimed at reproductive efficiency to assure conception, to prevent abortions, and to ultimately produce a healthy calf.

Internal parasite control is achieved by administering proper dewormers at the proper time and at the proper intervals.

External parasite control eliminates flies and lice that can reduce performance. Control is obtained through topical insecticides and fly tag application.

Breeding soundness evaluations of herd sires should be performed before each breeding season. Pregnancy palpation should be scheduled 45 days after bulls are removed. The last part of a sound herd health plan is to recognize, diagnose, and treat problems that may arise.

Washington Animal Clinic welcomes the opportunity to customize and develop a herd health plan to optimize production in your operation.

Deer Medicine

As the farmed white-tailed deer industry has developed in this region, Washington Animal Clinic has expanded to service those veterinary needs. Individual animal treatment as well as herd health management services are offered. Individual treatments vary from medical issues to wound care to fracture repairs. We have in house lab equipment to perform bloodwork and bacterial cultures. If an animal dies, a necropsy is performed and appropriate samples are forwarded to the Diagnostic Laboratory to help maintain herd health and aid in the prevention of disease outbreaks.

Bucking Stock ABBI Logo

American Bucking Bull, Inc. is the leading foundation for the bucking cattle DNA registry. ABBI requires all bulls to be veterinarian age certified and EID tagged. Washington Animal Clinic provides those services along with other reproductive and health needs.

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